Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The quick and dirty

Every so often I will be posting part of a chapter on this blog. It may be daily, it may not be. There may always be the chance that PA (PublishAmerica) might find this blog and get pissy, if what I hear about Paragraph 24 is true (that I really don't have the copyright and cannot distribute my own material as I please). If that happens, you may hear about me in the news, and my next book may have my mugshot on the back cover.

I've also gone and done something really precocious as to put a PayPal Donate! button on my page. Feel free to give whatever you want. If you think my writing is fantastic, leave a million dollars (apparently, PayPal takes less of a percentage for larger donation amounts). If you think it sucks eggs, no, sorry, you cannot TAKE money using the Donate button.

So relax and enjoy Voyage to Xanadu, with (the distinct possibility of) additonal features, such as "deleted scenes," and trivia and history behind the book.

Update: I've gone through my contract (three times) with PA and found nothing barring me from putting my book on the web. Over and over again, the contract states that the publisher has exclusive rights to the book in book form. So no worries!

Note: I've tried manipulating the post dates so that you could read the book from chapter 1 onward, instead of having to keep scrolling up for each posted section of the book. Problem is, that the Previous Posts and Archives section of the blog would make it very difficult for you to navigate to later chapters of the book. So I'm going to endeavor to keep ONLY this post at the very top to give you some warning. Start your reading from the very last post and work your way up. It sucks, but it's the best I can do. :P


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